Golden and Blue – Novel Excerpt 2

30 Nov

This is a scene from a chapter in my novel. The character described here has a small but significant role in the story. 

Gopthri remembered the first time she saw Vyjanthimala, the first impression was a sublime combination of blue and gold. Her long silky hair with gold highlights was hanging down the arm of the couch on which she had seductively coiled herself. She was running her slender manicured blue nails with tiny crystals through her perfectly blow-dried tresses while holding a glass of champagne in her other hand.

Gopthri’s first instinct was to run forward and take a peek at the face of this goddess, however, since it was at a popular coffee shop she had to do it unobtrusively. So she took a seat, placed her order and then casually strolled past her on her way to pick-up her ice-cream order rather than wait for it to be served. Gopthri was in for a shock and dropped her cup of dark brown chocolate ice-cream all over her white lace dress. Vyjanthimala saw the expression on her face and gave her a slyly seductive smile, that seemed to mock her discomfort and uncertainty.

‘Hello, darling, never seen one of us inside a decent restaurant? We are usually badgering the patrons on the street is it not?’ asked the amused transvestite. ‘Look what you’ve done to that lovely dress of yours. Tell you what, I’ll pay for you to get it dry-cleaned and then hand-painted by my friend Sheila. After all I was the direct cause of that mess right,’ she said before going into peals of laughter.

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