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31 Aug

While I feel like I have disappeared from the world of blogging, I’ve actually been writing a lot! Funnily, most of the writing is of a completely new kind and it’s been a real learning experience. So without further ado, here’s what I’ve been upto:

  • Investor reports: The last few days have been crazy, with me trying to write a perfectly  balanced investor update. Though I’ve been doing this sort of thing for almost two years now, this time around there was so much to include and so many aspects that it drove me crazy. We had the recent year end financials and our new business transaction, individually these two events are important and significant, so imagine when I had to club them together. There was three times as much thinking as writing, which is something completely new for me. I usually write as I think or at least make an outline and develop it as I go. This time around I wrote and scrapped and wrote and scrapped, till it finally came together. For a person who can comfortably (not easily but comfortably) dash off 5000 words in a day, two days of effort for five pages of output was an eye-opener.
  • The Healthy Lifestyle Blog: This is a new venture and a completely new topic, with respect to writing, for me. Yes, I do work in the healthcare field but I’m not a technical expert and that’s the reason I was not sure about starting this blog, however, it ultimately proved to be a good move. On the healthcare blog, while I write the occasional article (non-technical of course), I do all the editing, which has been a learning experience for me. I now have an inkling of how to go about editing my own work, something I will have to start doing soon. Here’s the link for the healthcare blog if you are interested – Beaming Health. It’s got a lot of human interest articles along with some easily understandable and useful information on health. This article is my current favourite – Not All That It Seems To Be – since it really educated me as a consumer.
  • Book Review – I recently joined the administrative team of a book club in my city and we are launching a website soon. One of the areas of interest is going to be book reviews and I have been writing a few of them, as and when I come across an interesting book. This is the kind of writing that comes naturally to me and I have been quite enjoying the process. A few of the books I reviewed are: ‘Salmon Fishing in the Yemen’ and ‘Hot Chai Across India’. I enjoyed both the books but for different reasons and in different measures, so quantifying the experience in words was challenging.
  • Fiction – Last but most exciting, for me personally, have been the new developments with respect to my manuscript. I wrote it in November 2011, during this challenge, over a few sleepless nights and after the initial draft things have been slow. Well, it now looks like I have to start on the second draft and my fingers are crossed. I’ll keep you all updated on what happens next, in the meantime wish me luck.

While for me writing has always been a hobby of sorts, that I ultimately hope to turn into a career, having to write as part of my daily work was a new experience. The best part was, it felt like I was really polishing my skills on a daily basis and preparing to share my work with a larger more critical audience.

Have you been writing anything new or different? Do you write for a living? Do you enjoy changing your style of writing or does it make you uncomfortable?

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3 responses to “The Written Word

  1. Sanjana

    September 2, 2012 at 7:20 am

    Wow! It looks like you’ve been busier than usual! Congrats on the book, the book club, the health blog and everything else! And good luck to it all! 🙂

    • nmaha

      September 6, 2012 at 11:36 pm

      Thanks Sanju. More than busy, its been a lot of fun. I hope things continue in this vein 🙂 I mean apart from the being away from my blog for so long 😀


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