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Eyes On You

I’m not a make-up kind of girl. I don’t even use moisturiser everyday (okay I know that falls under skin care and not make-up, but you get the point right?). Consider this, I have used lipstick about ten times in the last 30 years. If I’m going out I’ll swipe lip balm and then lip gloss across my lips and maybe use the same lip gloss to give my cheeks an au naturale blush. This happens maybe once in a week or even fifteen days. Really dressing up would mean mascara and recently eyeliner, which happens maybe once in six months, though I carry a mascara wand in my bag!

Over the last two years I’ve kind of started enjoying reading and looking up fashion blogs and this has slowly lead to a fashion transformation. I now enjoy expressing myself through my clothes. Obviously this is within the limits of my working and parenting lives. For example, I regularly wear printed pants (I’m not saying I look good in them, I just wear them) with my more conservative tops and shoes. This is a big jump for someone who lived in black for two years. I even wear white trousers, though with longer bum and thigh covering tops (I’m nowhere close to model proportions). The point of my fashion exercise (if you can call my limited attempts, fashion) is to cheer myself up with colours and designs. The focus is less on the fashion factor and more on the style and fun factor.

Anyway, my point being despite all this fashion forwardness, I still think of myself as a no make-up
kind of girl. So where is this going you ask. Well, of late I have this feeling that if I get the Shu Uemura Eyelash curler and the Helena Rubinstein white eyeliner my glamour quotient will go up by several notches. Both the products are not cheap and I just can’t justify, even to myself, why I want them. It’s not like I’m going to use them more than once in a month, if that. Somehow, I’ve convinced myself that if I get them, I’ll make an effort to do my eyes everyday and increase the fun factor in getting ready every morning.

So what do you think is wrong with me? Do you ever get any crazy cravings like these? If yes, how do you handle them?

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What I’ve Learnt in 31 Years – Part 1

Yup, the title says it all. These are the lessons I want to make sure I share with my daughter and all the other children in my family.

  • While using ketchup packets, always check the direction of the tear and aim away from you while squeezing. I’m invariable wearing white or a pastel shade when I get a substantial dollop of red on me. Once the dollop’s there, don’t rub, just gently dab and you may save your outfit. I have recently discovered a bleach white stick, but seriously who carries these around
  • Most Indian elders are willing to listen to your point of view, if you precede it with something on the lines of “please forgive my ignorance on account of my age……….” in a respectful tone
  • Most dressing room mirrors at clothing stores are like the fancy ones in the house of mirrors, they elongate and narrow your frame. Don’t believe them, trust your instinct
  • Children get dirty, very dirty. A proper hot bath is the only way to get them clean. Make it a bubble bath if you don’t whining of “I’m tired/sleepy/hungry”
  • How do you know you enjoy what you do? Monday mornings are not blue, unless that’s your favourite colour


It’s funny but only the really small things have stuck with me. I can’t for the life of me remember anything that’s ground breaking or life changing. Hmmm………… food for though?! Maybe in the next part.

What are the life lessons you want to pass on?


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A Listers – Ideas That Wake You Up

Happy New Year to all of you. Let this be the year that we fulfill our dreams and create the life we want. Or if you are like me, get started on the path to fulfilling all your aspirations. Either way, most of us live in the hope that every new year will be better than the ones gone by and however silly that may be, hope does keep us going.

New Year’s resolutions seem to be passe, instead a lot of people I know make lists at the beginning of the year (‘me’ being one of those people I know). To do lists, to achieve lists, to complete lists, call it what-you-may, show me that we have realised that the way to be where you want to be is to plan the route and follow it.

That being said, how often do you get up at some go forsaken time at night because you remembered some ‘to-do’ item not included on your current list or had a brilliant idea (which may seem not so brilliant in the harsh light of the next day)? Your too tired to physically get-up and grab a piece of paper and a pen to note things down, but you can’t really sleep till you are sure you won’t have forgotten all about it the next day. Well obviously the simple solution is to spend a minute in getting some writing material, noting the thought down and then getting back to some serious shut-eye. Even easier if it’s a regular thing is to keep a small notepad and pencil by your beside.

Well this is where my personal problem comes in. If I get up to get a notepad and paper, the though turns into a grocery lost of to-do things or the idea turns into a whole story. The second solution then? Well, anyone who has a 0-6 year old knows that no easily available piece of paper is safe. By the time you get to bed (forget needing it in the middle of the night), it will be decorated with snakes, butterflies and other miscellaneous animals; completely unflattering mommy and daddy portraits or, my personal favourite, completely undecipherable secret language love notes that mommy or daddy are expected to perfectly understand (beware the ‘you don’t love me, only mommy/daddy’ tears that ensue if you fail).

Well, considering the fact that I love my sleep (though the number of hours is nothing to rave about), over the last five years I have figured out a fairly good system. Its, wait for it, ‘numbering’. Kind of works like bullet points. It’s a bit tough when it’s an idea that woke you up and not a list but I’ve managed to adapt using a keywords system. Yes, I usually forget 9 out of ten things, however I do know that I have forgotten only one thing and just wait for it to come back. Again 4 out of 5 (these are not precise numbers people, I’m sleepy remember) it never does come back, but hey you take what you get.

Am I perfectly happy with the system? No. Isn’t it better to get up and note things down? Yes. Then why don’t I do it? Because, I don’t want to getup. Yes, after my daughter goes to sleep and I finish playing my boss role at work, I like to act like an unreasonable teenager. The best part, no one knows. Well, except you.

P.S. – Ironically, the name of this post came to me at 1 am in the morning.

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Finding My Way Back

This year, I really may have bitten off more than I can chew and the area that has been affected first is my writing. While my posting here was sporadic over the last six months, over the last month it has come to a complete halt. Problem is I have so many posts in my head, however, the longer I stay away, the easier it is to forget that this blog exists.

My plan for the new year is to use time management in all aspects of my life, not just the professional part, and to prioritize stuff.

Will 2013 be the re-start of my blogging days? I’m really going to try, so please don’t go away.

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Instant Pick-Me-Ups

I have been away so long, that I almost forgot my password! The longer I stayed away, the tougher it was to get back. So much has been going on at work (the deal we were working on for a year closed this month!) and at home ( my cousin’s getting married and the whole family is flying in from all over the world), plus the little one’s having her summer hols, so though I had fully formed posts running through my head, there just wasn’t enough energy at the end of the day to actual type it out. In fact, I’ve been a lurker on my favourite blogs, reading them as I doze off in the night and not leaving my usually chatty comments (sorry).

Anyway, all that’s hopefully in the past and I’m going to get back to regular programming this week. To start with here are five things that have cheered me up this month:

  • Finding a Wilbur Smith book I have never read! I’m crazy about this author and thought I had read every single book by him. What a pleasant surprise to discover that I had missed one over the years
  • Taking a 36 hour trip with my dad. V and the techie joined in at the last moment, but I still managed some quality father daughter time on the road
  • Dancing the night away at V’s 4th birthday. The party was planned and executed in 48 hours, after multiple plans fell through,  however, it turned out to be a super success
  • Finding V’s iPad after I thought I had lost it. Major high that one hour
  • Celebrating a girlfriend’s birthday with the new set of girlfriends I made over the last year (remember my Girlfriend Search? I need to update you all on that). A sure fire stress buster

What are your pick-me ups?

P.S. – Elisa I apologise for the delay in doing the tagged post. Next up for sure.


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Pretending to be Royalty

There’s one situation which all of us face at least once in our life. The context, place, degree of detail may vary greatly, but the central idea is the same. I’m talking about that one certainity apart from birth and death, the one question we all have to face either in grade school or on our college applications or at our job interviews or while trying to get the world (literary agents) to read our books. The dreaded ‘Write a few lines about yourself’.

My first ever attempt was at primary school and went something like this:

“My name is Nmaha. I am a big girl because I can write my own name*. I love painting and reading books. I like pink and my baby brother. I am ‘x’ years old and am in ‘y’ class. Thank you for reading this.”

We were asked to write five-six sentences and the tough part was trying to find different ways to start a sentence. Obviously, I wasn’t very successful as four out of the six sentences started with ‘I’.

Over the years, while my choice of content improved (as I become a slightly more interesting person), the dilemma of how to phrase that content wasn’t really resolved. Finally, I decided to give into the third person style, which makes me feel like I should have a crown (actually I prefer a tiara**) and a throne. It also has the techie in stitches when I read out my notes to him.

Anyway, today I am in the same situation as the primary school me and this is the ‘About Me’ section of my concept note to a literary agent:

“Nmaha is a Chartered Accountant by profession and currently runs a healthcare diagnostics business with her husband. She attempts to juggle motherhood, running a business and her passion for writing, while miserably dropping the ball at regular intervals. Nmaha celebrated her 30th birthday this year by embarking on a year-long exercise to move her current life closer to the life she actually wants. Read about her efforts on creating a balanced and synergistic life at”

Not much improvement in 25 odd years right? I just seem to have replaced “I like pink and my baby brother” with a slightly more grown-up version.

Oh! I almost forgot, “Nmaha grants you the right to refer to her as ‘Her Royal Highness’ from today”.

*My real name is very difficult for a 5-7 year old child to spell. I actually had a little pocket book in which I spent hours practicing writing my name correctly.

**I wonder if I can get Tiffany to sponsor it.


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Extreme Randomness

Crazy little fish

I feel like those little fish.

Things are crazy around here. I’m not talking normal crazy. This is an all out, first time in my life, ever, crazy. Crazy that makes you neglect friends (sorry, you guys know who you are), send the little one on vacation with the grandparents (V and the grandparents are over the moon), forget all holidays and occasions (we don’t know what weekends are), sleep walk through bootcamp (I got an email from the coach yesterday inquiring about my stress levels) crazy.

So in lieu of actually writing a post, I hope you’ll forgive me if, I give you:

A few V quotes

V (After waiting for a trip home for 11 months): Mummy, just get on the plane with me to Dubai. Give me to thathu (her grandad) and go back to office on the same plane. You can eat lunch in the office.


While playing the animal word game with V (without the last alphabet connect)
V: Anaconda
Me: Hyena
V: Mummy that’s a living place with the long high wall
Me: That’s China darling not Hyena
V: I know that’s what I said China. Hyena is the dog that laughs and acts like your friend but then becomes wild and bites you when you go near it


Random observations of a stressed out mind

Gossip Girl
Are those really high school kids? I don’t think so
Am I learning anything? Not really, except what not to do as a parent or rather what to dread when my daughter grows up
Will I continue watching it? Of course, the clothes are gorgeous and who doesn’t like watching b***** high-society high-school kids one up each other 🙂


During a working week when we had no access to banking services

Banks closed for five days? How do they expect the economy to run! Next they’ll have summer holidays. I want to work at a bank.


On restarting bootcamp

I do adore bootcamp, but all those burpees make it too expensive to maintain my manicure, *sigh*, chipped nails and calloused hands for the next three months, it is.


Now, I’ll stop boring you and myself. Hopefully I’ll soon be talking sense again. Thanks for hanging around.


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