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Eyes On You

I’m not a make-up kind of girl. I don’t even use moisturiser everyday (okay I know that falls under skin care and not make-up, but you get the point right?). Consider this, I have used lipstick about ten times in the last 30 years. If I’m going out I’ll swipe lip balm and then lip gloss across my lips and maybe use the same lip gloss to give my cheeks an au naturale blush. This happens maybe once in a week or even fifteen days. Really dressing up would mean mascara and recently eyeliner, which happens maybe once in six months, though I carry a mascara wand in my bag!

Over the last two years I’ve kind of started enjoying reading and looking up fashion blogs and this has slowly lead to a fashion transformation. I now enjoy expressing myself through my clothes. Obviously this is within the limits of my working and parenting lives. For example, I regularly wear printed pants (I’m not saying I look good in them, I just wear them) with my more conservative tops and shoes. This is a big jump for someone who lived in black for two years. I even wear white trousers, though with longer bum and thigh covering tops (I’m nowhere close to model proportions). The point of my fashion exercise (if you can call my limited attempts, fashion) is to cheer myself up with colours and designs. The focus is less on the fashion factor and more on the style and fun factor.

Anyway, my point being despite all this fashion forwardness, I still think of myself as a no make-up
kind of girl. So where is this going you ask. Well, of late I have this feeling that if I get the Shu Uemura Eyelash curler and the Helena Rubinstein white eyeliner my glamour quotient will go up by several notches. Both the products are not cheap and I just can’t justify, even to myself, why I want them. It’s not like I’m going to use them more than once in a month, if that. Somehow, I’ve convinced myself that if I get them, I’ll make an effort to do my eyes everyday and increase the fun factor in getting ready every morning.

So what do you think is wrong with me? Do you ever get any crazy cravings like these? If yes, how do you handle them?

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