Has it really been almost four months since my last post?! This seems like a regular theme here. I have so much to talk about, but hardly any time to sit down and share. My daughter’s started full day school and the days have got waaaaay fuller for me. Plus, I’m back to doing sales after almost three years and though I thoroughly enjoy it, it is physically a lot different from sitting in the office and working on spread sheets. Between the two here’s how my average day pans out:

I don't look this sleek in the mornings and V is a bit older, however the rest of it is pretty much spot on :-)

5.30 am: Get-up and give my daughter her glass of milk. She still insists on sitting in my lap and drinking this

6.00 am: Cook breakfast and lunch, pack everything or lay it out on the table

7.00 am: Rush upstairs, set V up to finish her brushing and potty and do a 25 minute cardio, arms, legs workout while shouting out the answers to V’s random questions or life, friends  family, books, behaviour, God, science, geography, holidays…

7.30 am: Get V ready (if my husband’s available he helps out with the bathroom routine for V), do her hair and send her down to put on her shoes and start breakfast

7.45 am: Jump into the shower and get ready while forgetting to look in to the mirror

8.15 am: Drink a glass of milk and usher everyone into the car which ususally involves some level of screaming or glaring

8.45 am: Drop V off at school after a prolonged hugging and kissing session which I looooove (I hope she never outgrows this)

8.50 am: Get to the office or a sales call and start the day

Evening 1 (When the husband works late and I have bedtime duty)

6.00 pm: Leave work and read on the drive home. Complete me time

6.30 pm: Get home, feed V dinner (if she hasn’t eaten yet), get her to do her homework

7.15 pm: Play / reading / art time with V (basically snuggling time)

8:00 pm: Put V to bed, which involves very long stories or repeated songs or detailed discussions of random topics

8.00 pm: Have dinner and relax

8.30 pm: Spend time with the in-laws

9.00 pm: Start work

12.00 – 1.00 am: Stop work, read for an hour or watch Mad Men

1.00 – 2.00 am: Bed

Evening 2 (When I work late and the husband has bedtime duty)

9.00 – 11.00 pm: Get home, have a shower, kiss and watch a deeply sleeping V, spend time with the in-laws if they are awake

11.00pm – 12.00 am: Stop work, read or watch a movie

1pm – 2pm: Bed

This does not include days when I have morning meetings before 8 am, which means getting starting the day at 4.30-5.00 am and skipping the workout (I’m not really complaining there).

Seriously, my hat’s off to moms who do this with no help. I have domestic help, they may be a bit unreliable, however, they are there most of the time. End of the day I’m really lucky. I’m in an enviable situation of having my cake and eating it too. Yes, there are days when the cake is burnt with anger or soggy with tears, but most if the time, the cooking is fun and the eating is sweet. So no, this is not a complaint. It’s a combined thanksgiving speech and a semi-farewell speech, because even though I have asked for this lifestyle and love almost every minute of it, there are only 24 hours in a day and I need to sleep for a few of those. (Did you know, people die from lack of sleep, not mothers, like me, but soldiers and chronic insomniacs?)

I guess I’m trying to convince myself here, but the only area from which I can take a leave of absence at this point is the blog. So I’m going to take a break from mommy blogging (because, let’s face it, that’s what this is blog about), though I’ll share details of another project I’m going to be having fun with soon.

Thank you for reading in between your busy days. Every like and comment here, really gave me baskets of sunshine and happiness.

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Leave of Absence


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I’m sure all of us held our children a little closer and tighter, while praying for this family on Thursday. Losing a child is unnatural in the natural order of things and I hope the family is given the strength to get through this terrible time. We can never prepare ourselves for such an incident and most of us don’t even consider it a possibility. Unfortunately, many of us, including me, take our children for granted (this does not reflect on the fact that we love them to bits), which is normal given the numerous responsibilities we need to attend to on a daily basis. I for one am trying to appreciate my little one a bit more and it was while trawling my old blog entries on her, that I came across this one that made me feel a bit better. I first posted this in April 2010 (on my previous blog) and have just re-posted it here.

My mornings seem to be unbelievably busy, though all I do is feed my daughter breakfast and make her use the potty (my husband does this on my yoga mornings) before getting both of us ready. The rush is despite the fact that I organize all our clothes and other stuff the previous night.I invariably lose my cool, when my daughter starts choosing what footwear she wants to wear to school. I mean she just turned 2 in April, isn’t it too early for her to have a fashion sense? Anyway, this crazy morning rush was what caused one of my most uncomfortable days at work (since we started our own business).

It was a usual weekday morning and I had just about managed to get everyone in the car (we drop our daughter off at school on the way to work). The little one kept saying “Mummy, wrong shoes, wrong shoes”. I shushed her with a “behave yourself” as I tried to feed her the cereal she had refused to eat at home. When we finally got to school she gave my husband a big hug and kiss before getting off. While I walked her to the gate, she had a last try “Mummy, your shoes are wrong” (she often gets mine and yours mixed-up). I ignored her comments and hugged her, she in turn gave me a kiss and a confused stare before heading indoors with her favorite teacher.

Half an hour later, I was holding my first discussion of the day in the corridor of our office, even before I reached my desk, when my accountant walked past and gave me a quizzical look. I smiled at her and continued the conversation. Throughout the day I kept getting these confused stares from people and couldn’t figure them out. I finally found out why when I bent down to retrieve a fallen bill. Horror of horrors, I had worn my water-proof house-slippers, the variety with a red and black floral design to work!

While I was busy shushing her, my poor little baby was trying to save me from embarrassing myself at work. Now, I pay a lot more attention to her morning comments and try and stop myself from shushing her in general. I’ve realized one thing, she is totally focused on the moment, unlike her preoccupied mom.

I have a lot to learn from you my sweetheart.

Appreciating Our Children


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